Part01 in attachment window

Dennis Large dlarge at
Mon Aug 17 13:03:21 UTC 1998

If you're talking about the message text being a part.001 or similar,
that, for me at least, has beent he sender using a mail client that
sends things in some goofy MIME-type or encoding that GW doesn't quite
handle. Checker the header for the content-type. Anything with
text/enriched or similar always end up as an attachment for me.

Who's fault and who's to blame? Dunno. I think there's a lot of MIME
standards that aren't. I loooked at the mimetype config file for GWIA
thinking maybe an additional entry(s) could be made, but it wasn't
obvious what to try.

>>> "Paulo Ferreira" <Paulo at> 08/17 4:16 AM >>>
What can cause file attachments being receieved via GWIA into the
GroupWise client as PART01 ?


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