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Thu Jul 1 00:39:03 UTC 1999

We have used Arcserve 6.1 on  NW 4.11 GW 5.2.3 server for about a year without an open file manager to backup  a 700 user system with no problems while all is on line.  We restored from a major server  failure  a few months ago and everything came back with no problems from tape.

We recently switched to Backup Exec and GW 5.5.1 and it is backing up everything as well ( but you do have to configure how it handles open files as Jim mentioned).

We actually backed up our entire mail system while in full production with Backup Exec in the middle of the day and restored it to a test network and found no problems ( of course we could not test every account) as best we could test.

We also use NOVELL DBCOPY once a week to copy everything to another server as a last resort precaution.

Please note our email system is not doing much from 11pm till 6am and maybe we have just been lucky.

Dana H

>>> "Jim Cusson" <JCUSSON at> 06/30/99 03:26PM >>>
I use Seagate's BackupExec, it backups open files.  You can specify whether the files should be locked before they get backed up or whether to back them up without the lock

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>>> "Lori SWIENCKI" <lswienck at> 06/30/99 03:33PM >>>
Does anyone out there bring down their post offices and MTA's in order to do clean backups? If so, what do you use? Cron with other utilities?


Lori Swiencki, CNE
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First Federal Savings Bank of America

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