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Most POP clients (such as the Agent, the email program I'm using to write
this message) can be set to leave messages on the server.  The problem is
that eventually the user's mailbox gets filled up.  With regular email
accounts that are typically limited to 5MB, this happens pretty quick.  And
of course, most ISP's don't touch users' email boxes unless asked to.
Presumably, though, as the system admin of a private system, you can set
the user's mailbox to purge at a certain limit.


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>That's interesting.  I thought POP was supposed to connect, download the messages, then disconnect.  How does your client access the messages if it does not download them?
>Tom Miller
>Tom.Miller at
>>>> "Dana Harrington" <harrinda at> 06/30 9:10 PM >>>
>I can't comment on GW 4.1, as my experience is  5.2,x and  5.5.1.
>On point (2),  POP3 does not have to copy files to the local machine.
>This is a function of the client ( and I assume the GWIA config in how it handles client requests).
>I have a small POP3 16 bit client I use from time to time ( fits on a floppy) that simply keeps the mail on the server and there are no config options to change it.  It is designed for students in computer labs.
>I can't help much with pure DOS clients, as we dropped support for those systems about three years ago.
>Hope this helps a bit.
>Dana H
>>>> "David Godshall" <DavidG at> 06/30/99 04:50PM >>>
>We are still running GroupWise 4.1.  We would consider upgrading to 5.5
>if we can get some answers to some questions.
>1. We still have a few DOS computers and slow Windows 3.1 computers
>(16MHz, 4-6MB RAM).  Plus, we would like to use some of these
>computers we pulled out of circulation to set up some more Kiosk-type
>E-Mail stations for students (we currently have some 286 machines
>running the 4.1 DOS client very nicely).
>Unfortunately, Novell in their infinite wisdom decided a DOS client was no
>longer needed, even though they already had a nice one that could have
>probably been adapted without too much extra trouble (wouldn't need to
>add the new features, just basic E-Mail would've sufficed).  So rather
>than whine and moan some more about it, I'd be interested in hearing the
>pros and cons of any non-Novell client options available.
>As I understand it, GroupWise 5.5 can do MAPI, POP3, and WebAccess.
>1. MAPI seems the most promising, and there is a MAPI-compliant version
>of the PC Pine E-Mail client for DOS.  Is anyone using PC Pine 3.96 for
>DOS or Windows 3.1?  Could it be considered for a usable alternative to
>the GroupWise clients?  Are there specific things it can't do or does
>differently that I would need to be aware of?  When you send E-Mail,
>does it do it via GroupWise and appear in the user's out box, or does PC
>Pine send it directly?  Does it handle folders, etc?
>2. POP3 copies all E-Mail messages to the local hard drive, which would
>not work as well for the shared E-Mail stations, though it might be great
>for access from individuals' computers from the dorm rooms or off
>campus.  Nevertheless, if there any reason this might be a good option,
>better than MAPI, for on-campus stations?  One might be the availability
>of more DOS clients to choose from.
>3. WebAccess might be an option if there were a decent web browser
>for DOS.  There are several available (Lynx/386, Bobcat, DosLynx,
>Minuet), but I don't know if they are stable enough to rely on.  Can a
>person do everything via the web interface that they can with the Novell
>I'd be interested in hearing from any experiences with non-Novell clients
>with GroupWise 5.x, especially on older/slower computers.  Perhaps
>even on newer computers, if Novell's clients are a memory-hungry and
>some of the reports I've heard.
>Oh, one more thing!  Has anyone had any problems with 4.1 Remote for
>Windows not handling a Network connection when installed in Windows
>98?  I'm having trouble with this right now; it says it can't find the
>network path, but everything appears to be set up correctly (and it
>worked in 95 before the 98 upgrade).
>David Godshall, Network Manager
>Hesston College, davidg at 

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