GroupWise 5.x and Statistics

Matt Vigus matt at
Thu Jul 1 12:21:37 UTC 1999


I have been asked to look at the option of migrating this university's mail from Pegasus to GroupWise5.5.1
How are you getting the mail out of Pegasus and into GroupWise?

Matt Vigus

>>> "Todd Broomall" <TBroomall at> 07/01/99 02:09PM >>>
We are in the middle of a campus wide migration from Pegasus mail to
GroupWise 5.5.1

Todd Broomall
Computer and Network Support
Washington and Lee University
Lexington, Va 24450

>>> "Matt Vigus" <matt at> 07/01/99 02:53AM >>>

Is anybody familier with Pegasus mail?

Matt Vigus

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