failed move 4.1-5.5

Joseph Acquisto ACQUISTJ at
Thu Jul 1 11:37:38 UTC 1999

So, one user failed to complete a move.  NWadmin shows the user in 5.5, but with
login disabled.  AD.exe shows the user still in 4.1.  The users message file
does not exist in either place, looking for his FID in the file name.

I recieved the following GW mail message. = SUBJ directory services error

"WARNING: The Administration Server (ADS) at domain blah-blah reported an error
during a Directory Service update.

Operation: Rename replica    Return Code: DB08   Task ID: 4114
Object ID: blah-blah.userid

SUGGESTION: Execute the Administration program at domain blah-blah and
synchronize the above object.  The object already exists at this domain.

TID suggest the user attemtped to use GW while move in progress and suggest
deleteing the user in GW5, restoring the GW4 domain/po to another location,
changing pointers in nwadmin to the new location, moving, and restoring

I suspect this is not very safe to do while in production, correct?  Or, would
if be safe enough to unload all GW (4 and 5) NLM's,  make the changes, restart
the NLMS and do the move?

Why don't users come in at reasonable hours?

Joe  Acquisto
SUNY New Paltz
New Paltz, NY 12561
914-257-6900 (FAX)

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