D107 Errors

Elizabeth_Baker at waldec.com Elizabeth_Baker at waldec.com
Thu Jul 1 20:52:31 UTC 1999

A top down rebuild should not be necessary..... I would run a two pass check on
the post office where the user(s) are;...first check structure...then do a
contents check.... that should fix the problem......

"Lori Binner" <lbinner at jjkeller.com> on 07/01/99 04:07:02 PM

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For some reason I have a few users experiencing D107 errors on e-mails today. I
ran analyze/fix, index, contents on one user and after that the three messages
she received D107 errors on were gone from her mailbox.

I may perform a top-down rebuild this weekend, but is there some other approach
I could take per user with the users I know have problems to possibly correct

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