MTA traffic cop

Jeff R. Miller JRM at
Thu Jul 1 22:01:48 UTC 1999

I'm running NW4.11, GW 5.5.1.  I have an MTA in Seattle talking IP to an MTA in NJ.  As I write this, the Seatte MTA is trying to send a 7 meg file across this 56k frame relay circuit, and it keeps failing.

Aggravating factor:  The LEC in NJ is Bell Atlantic.  For some reason that seems to stem from excessive greed, BA refuses to use "graceful discards" which I understand to mean when I send too much data, it will let my processes know so that the packets don't just disappear into the ether.  Everyone else allows graceful discards, including my wholesale frame relay provider.  

The effect of this is that if I send any data over my CIR, it gets accepted by my frame relay provider, but then it just gets dumped by Bell Atlantic.  It's like having an open in the circuit.  Everything just keeps on going out to BA but never arriving at it's ultimate destination.

My question is this:  Is there a way to limit the bandwidth that the MTA will try to use? (without going to NW5....)

I keep seeing the following in the MTA's active log window:

13:55:08 MTP: New Jersey-ipS0: Connection established.
13:55:08 MTP: New Jersey-ipS0: Transmitting file hc4/sys:\apps\wpdomain\seattle\mslocal\mshold\new5826\4\0004239B.001, Size: 7221644
13:56:25 MTP: New Jersey-ipS0: Socket write error: 0x8913
13:56:25 MTP: New Jersey-ipS0: Retransmitting file: hc4/sys:\apps\wpdomain\seattle\mslocal\mshold\new5826\4\00042F62.001 (retry request)
13:56:25 MTP: New Jersey-ipS0: Reducing packet size: new size = 256
13:57:15 MTP: New Jersey-ipS0: Socket write error: 0x8913
13:57:15 MTP: New Jersey-ipS0: File transmission failed

Somebody is trying to send a huge file (for a 56k circuit - (wishlist Novell- PLEASE allow us to limit filesize between domains!)) across the circuit, and it's holding everything else back because it's pegging the circuit utilization and causing everything to get dropped, then failing, then retrying, and failing again etc..

I really need to be able to police this activity.....

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