Upgrading from GW4.1 to 5.x - some questions

Joseph Acquisto acquistj at lan.newpaltz.edu
Fri Jul 2 01:06:24 UTC 1999

Oh, not so.  My 4.1 (secondary domain in a 5.5 system)internet mail works fine
via the 5.5 GWIA.
This replaced the SMTP gateway.

Actually I find that the 4.1 reply worked better that the 5.5 reply seems to. 
Witness that many of my replies to this and other lists often go the the
originator, rather than the list.


<<< "Jeff R. Miller" <JRM at hartcrowser.com>  7/ 1  8:51p >>>
The Internet addressing in 5.5 is not completely compatible with 4.1.  If the
4.1 is it's own domain, most things will work most of the time, but replying to
internet addressing will be problematic.  I believe if the 4.1 PO is in a 5.5
domain, internet addressing will break all ability to send (and receive?)
internet email from the 4.1 PO.

>>> "Phil Catelinet" <PCATELINET at NMHC.ORG> 07/01/99 02:39PM >>>
Because GW 5.x is heavily integrated with NDS, you will need a NetWare server
for administration purposes.  I think you'll want to keep that server running
24/7; I can't imagine not having any NetWare server running full-
time with a GW system in place.

The MTA and POA agents can run on Windows NT but my understanding is that
performance is awful compared to the same agents running on NetWare.  I'd go
with NetWare for my agents in a heartbeat (of course, I'm a NetWare guy from way

The 4.1 SMTP/MIME gateway, which I believe runs in OS/2, can be used with GW
5.x.  I don't think you can use GW 5.5's Internet addressing unless you
implement the 5.5 Internet Agent (GWIA).  The GWIA is backward-compatible with
4.1, but doesn't come in an OS/2 flavor, just NT and NetWare.  Again, the NT
version isn't as reliable as the NetWare version.

The clients are larger in terms of hard drive space and do require a larger
memory footprint as well.  I have been told that the 32-bit Notify takes up to 8
MB of real PC RAM when it runs.  Even if that's an exaggeration, I know that
running the 32-bit client on my older PCs with less than 32 MB of RAM brings up
real performance issues.

Not to be a naysayer, but I think you're looking at several NetWare servers to
get an effective GW 5.5 installation going.  From following the previous thread
on clients, you're going to have problems finding a client to run on your older
hardware.  In a previous job incarnation, I worked at an urban university.  One
of our subcampuses used Banyan instead of NetWare and they had to migrate all of
their Banyan users to NetWare before the whole campus could move to GW 5.x.



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