ASYNC and digi-board

Bert Sinclair BSinclair at
Fri Jul 2 16:00:37 UTC 1999

Can you tell me how you have configured that port for a pager ?

Thks, keep it up folks..Great job!!!

>>> "Robert Levasseur" <robl at> 07/02/99 05:53AM >>>
Ours is a NW4.11 server running the ASYNC gateway NLM with an 8 port digiboard. It works great! I have even used one of the ports for a pager gateway on the same server.

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>>> "George Atkins" <GKA at> 06/30 8:02 AM >>>
For GW 5.5 on NW5:  is anybody using the async gateway with a digi-board? I'm looking to find a possible solution to incompatabilities of the Async gateway running on NW5. Thanks.

George Atkins

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