error D04F - proxy problems

Anne Valiquette valiqua at
Thu Jul 8 12:27:34 UTC 1999

Some of our users are experiencing problems when they switch from a
proxy to another one.  When they press on the little man at the bottom
and they select the User XYZ, they get an error: "D04F... please
contact your admin... " and they have to close their GroupWise and
restart it.  They are all running client 5.2.4 as on our mail server.
Can be with french or english versions.  When they get this error, I
can see on the POA many lines D04F scrolling and the CPU is increasing
to 100% at the same time, during 10 sec.  After this everything is
great on the server, absolutely no problems with our server dated Jan.
1999, Pentium 450 with 2 CPU, 256 Mo.  We run NW 4.11.  Almost all are
running client 2.2, we tested with client 3.1 (3.0 patched=3.1) but it
does not fix it. 
Thanks to everyone,  Anne Valiquette, P.S.A.C.

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