Arcserve GroupWise Backup Agent

Lloyd Petrey Petrey at IMDR.COM
Fri Jul 23 18:19:47 UTC 1999

We use the Arcserve GW agent here with NW4.11.

>>> Martha Lederer <MJL at> 07/23/99 10:56AM >>>
Can the Arcserve GW agent handle GroupWise5.5 running under NW4.11?

>>> "Jeff R. Miller" <JRM at> 7/22/99 8:54 PM >>>
It's GW on a NW5 server that Arcserve can't handle.  The other benefits are reliable backups no matter waht time of day you dun the backup, or how many GW files are open, and how much faster it is to backup with an agent sending the files to the backup.

>>> "John borrow" <john.borrow at> 07/22/99 05:19PM >>>
I had noticed that CA had finally released an Arcserve backup agent for GroupWise, which is good. I feel we should get it, but I'm not sure why. Our Arcserve 6 out of the box product has had no problems backing up GroupWise files, even though I have seen a lot of problems here on the forum.
Am I missing something ? Does arcserve 6 backup groupwise OK for others ?


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