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Jeff R. Miller JRM at
Thu Jul 29 17:14:51 UTC 1999

My network tech tells me that he has seen the crashes after installing McAfee 4.03.  He says he's narrowed it down to the scheduler component.  He removed the registry entry that loads it and no more crashes.

Previously I've removed both entries (in 3.x) and placed them in the startup folder to change the timing of the load.  It stopped the conflict of McAfee and the office toolbar.

>>> "Tuscarora webmaster" <webmaster at> 07/29/99 05:02AM >>>

I have also seen this problem and I have not been able to figure out how to fix it.  I load the 3.x version of McAfee and it also seems to run fine.

I would be interested in a solution to this problem myself.


>>> "Jeff R. Miller" <JRM at> 07/28/99 12:11PM >>>
No, but I do have my share of problems with the GW 5.5 client.  Namely mfc42.dll based problems.

The only incompatibility I've seen with McAfee is that sometime when the MSOffice toolbar is loading and McAfee is loading at the same time (at bootup) they conflict and the office toolbar sticks at "preparing msoffice toolbar" indefinitely.  I get around that by moving the mcafee loaders from the registry to the startup menu.

>>> "Mary Hudson-Navarre" <MkHudson at> 07/28/99 07:55AM >>>
After installing McAfee 4.03 on users machines problems are beginning to
occur with the GW client.  We are running GW 5.5.1, machines are both
Win95 and NT.  The machines will either lockup when GroupWise is loaded
or, on occassion,  while GroupWise is running.  When the McAfee system
scan is disabled everything runs fine.

Has anyone else run into this problem?


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