5.5 upgrade Q

Lloyd Petrey Petrey at imdr.com
Tue May 4 14:10:10 UTC 1999

I've been upgraded to 5.5 on the backend  for months and still have not upgraded clients and I don't have this problem.  (I read that TID and I think the conclusion is rather lame.  I'd prefer to see them find the problem rather than blanketly force clients to immediately upgrade all clients.)

My users have the 16 bit 5.2.3 client using client-server to access 5.5 POA.
This issue may only be with 32 bit 5.2.3 clients.

>>> "Dennis Large" <dlarge at louisville.edu> 05/04/99 04:53AM >>>
I know several of us are close to doing the 5.5 upgrade from 5.2.x. We came
across a very recent TID 2949919 yesterday which concerns us. It seems a 5.5
backend with 5.2.3 or earlier clients caused serious server problems. Solution
was using 5.2.4 or later clients.

Anybody experience that? There's no indication of the overall health of the
server(s) mentioned other than being apparently fully patched. Right now we're
almost totally on 5.2.2 clients and ~4K accounts. I'm a bit worried. Not so
much the actual rollout, as the possibility of having the users do it twice
real quick. You know how they can get.

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