Setup not showing htm option

Dennis Large dennis.large at
Fri Oct 1 21:02:44 UTC 1999

Sorry Joe. I didn't take the time to check for other respondants before blabbing.
It's ok, really. We're all human and mistake-prone. Lift your head high as a NW admin. Helping to lead the world into the enlightened directory.

>>> "Joe Acquisto" <ACQUISTJ at> 10/01/99 04:49PM >>>
Yes, yes, yes, for gosh sake, yes.  Oh, the shame of it, will it never

Yeah, IE2 was installed.  Only it seems to need IE 4.x or higher to


>>> "Dennis Large" <dennis.large at> 10/01/99 04:33PM >>>
Has IE been installed? It's required for this. At least to be installed
and removed.

>>> "Joe Acquisto" <ACQUISTJ at> 09/30/99 05:16PM >>>
After reconfiguring setup to offer the options, and even running from
new sp2 patched sdd on a local HD, NT stations do not show the HTML
option at install time.  Nor does HTML support get installed on NT

Why? or, more correctly, why not?

Joe Acquisto
SUNY New Paltz
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