Webaccess logins take 60 seconds

Jeff R. Miller JRM at hartcrowser.com
Thu Oct 7 22:51:56 UTC 1999

Now I know you were looking at the right <domain>.mta text config files....Right?  That's where the 
/home-<domain path>\ switch is located.  Other than that, it should have only looked in the NDS setup, and the link config.  But then I've never moved one of these things, so this is all theory.

As far as the webaccess settings, they are pretty simple.  I think you'd be much better off starting from scratch, than standing around scratching your head and wondering, if you know what I mean.  The one time I tried leaving the directories in place like you are doing, it didn't work.

There is a file calle where.cfg in the webaccess directory structure that points to the location of the cgi server.  Mine has:


Which is pointing to my NT server running IIS and webaccess cgi and agent.  it just needs to know how to get back to the server which has the wpdomain.db.

>>> "Tony Vissoc" <tvissoc at scitexdpi.com> 10/07/99 11:35AM >>>
I didn't empty the directory when I recreated the gateway.  I actually wanted to create a new gateway with the old configuration.

The reason I deleted it in the first place was that I had swapped servers and for some reason, the MTA was looking for the gateways on the old server name.  I looked every conceivable place to change UNC's but could not get the MTA to look anywhere else than the old server's path.  So, I deleted and recreated the gateway(s), using the old directory structure hoping to preserve as many of the old settings as possible.

Confused yet?


>>> "Jeff R. Miller" <JRM at hartcrowser.com> 10/07/99 01:49PM >>>
The bonkers thing I've seen anytime Netware tries *really* hard to transmit IP packets.  I see that when MTA's are trying to talk to each other (IP) over a slow WAN link.  Often times, it's bursting above my link speed and packets are getting dropped, so the server is doing a lot of resends.

When you deleted the webaccess gateway and reused the directory, did you first delete the contents of the directory?  Could be something old holding you back.

>>> "Tony Vissoc" <tvissoc at scitexdpi.com> 10/07/99 09:03AM >>>
Since upgrading to 5.5.2 (and INW SP7), Webaccess logins are taking 60 seconds.  This seems to correlate to a timeout of some sort.  I also installed a new server for Box 1 below during this time.  I had also removed and recreated the webaccess gateway but used the old directory in the \wpgate  when recreating it.  
Here is our configuration:

Box 1 contains Domain and Po's.  It runs MTA, POAs, Async and API (for fax). Dual PIII (not running SMP), 512 MB.

Box 2 (netware) runs GWIA, Webaccess, and Pager. P166, 128 MB.

Box 3 (NT 4) runs Web server for Webaccess. PII350, 256 MB.

I have looked at the postoffice link configuration on the webaccess object in Nwadmin and changed my link configuration from c/s only to direct only and back again.  Seems to have no affect on the delay.

The one thing I have observed is that Box 2 goes bonkers for those 60 seconds.  It takes seconds to toggle between screens, but the CPU does not appear to be pegged.  Any ideas?



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