Alarm/notification problems

Thomas Roe bdroet at
Tue Oct 12 20:52:06 UTC 1999

Greg - did you get any leads on this?? We have a very similar problem here.  Deleted appointments seem o.k., but when appointments are moved, we see the same thing you're seeing: an alarm goes off for the original appointment time even though there is no longer any scheduled appointment.  

I have yet to solve this problem.  We're at 5.5.2.  Thanks.   

>>> "Greg Baschak" <GBASCHAK at> 10/06/99 11:01AM >>>
Here's a quirky pesky problem.

When a appointment, that has an alarm/notification set for it is deleted, the alarm still goes off for the old/deleted appointment???

Anybody seen this before, and more importantly, solved this problem?

Thanks in advance.

Greg Baschak / CGI

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