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Mon Oct 18 22:38:06 UTC 1999

OK, how do SP3 and the Enhancement Pack fit together?  Doesn't the enhancement pack replace core files like GWENN2.NLM and others?  So if you install the enhancement pack that replaces the SP2 core files, and then SP3 comes along, what happens?  I'm confused.


>>> "Danita Zanre" <danita at> 10/18/99 03:26PM >>>
SP3 is in beta right now.  It can be found at File Finder - file name is g553en1.exe

>>> jacksonm at 10/18/99 04:12PM >>>
SIPRnet is just a secure pipeline for transmitting classified information.  There might be a better definition but just think of it as the Internet for confidential or higher information. Our GW configuration mirrors our unclassified GW server with the exception of IP Address & server & domain name. Also it has nothing to do with the Properties > Send Options > Classification command.

SP3, please say more about this.

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>>> "Danita Zanre" <danita at> 10/18/99 02:38PM >>>
Okay - help me understand this SIPRNet stuff, because I will admit ignorance.  Is this some kind of a secure, encrypted messaging?  The reason I ask is that GW had a problem with opening any message that was digitally signed (which was fixed with the EP, and I think might be fixed in SP3), and I'm thinking this might be related.


>>> jacksonm at 10/18/99 12:17PM >>>
Not a chance. One is a PPT document that I opened from Outlook Express.

>>> "Danita Zanre" <danita at> 10/18/99 01:58PM >>>
Can you get to these attachments if you go to File|Attachments?

>>> jacksonm at 10/18/99 11:32AM >>>
A repost with an extra twist.

Environment: GW 5.5.1, NW 4.11 SP6, Enterprise Server, MS Office 97
w/SR-2, Client/Server mode

GW Client does not show attachment icons of registered applications in
attachment window. This occurs randomly for incoming SIPRNet (classified
internet) messages. Only Mime.822 file appears in window. Viewing this
attachment does display a line the reads: Click to view Base64 Encoded
file TLAMGM~1.PPT." In the past clicking on this sentence would open the
application in a read-only mode for the document. Now all that is
displayed is binary characters.

Now for the Blair Witch Hunt mystery. If a POP3 session is initiated,
then the attachments are visible from the message. Opening the
attachments from Outlook Express worked like a charm. The attachments
are also not visible from WebAccess. So go figure.

I have replaced C:\Windows\System\MFC42.DLL. I even placed a copy in
C:\Novell\GroupWise. GW Client was upgraded to 5.5.2 and still the
attachments are not displayed.

What in the world is going on? And your replies are appreciated!

Now for the extra twist.

In the same environment one user has a  rule to forward mail to another account (CC Mail). If a message with attachments is routed via the rule the recipient does not see the attachments (message body is viewable). But if I route the message directly using the CC mail address the attachments are visible. 

I am sparing the list of the other 2 bizarre goings-on here. Our scheduled upgrade to GW SP2 is set for this weekend -- I am not so sure I should go ahead with all the funky things happening to our GW system.


Monica Jackson
The CNA Corp.

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