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Lloyd Petrey Petrey at
Wed Oct 27 13:50:50 UTC 1999

I can only empathize with you.  I have been frustrated for years over encrypted e-mail.  I have stopped repeating the overly optomistic promises from my Novell Reps to my user management because too many times I've ended up looking stupid after buying an upgrade only to find the eluding features lacking or not there at all.  For years Novell has been promising S/MIME and GW5.5 *technically* "supports" it.  
This feature has been included in Netscape Messenger, Exchange, Eudora, and Joes internet mail clients for a long time.  
I'm not buying anything else for promised functionality.  "Enhancement" or not I don't have the time or reputation to waste messing around with it anymore.  If GW6 dot whatever doesn't deliver what has been promised since GW5 was called "XTD" then we'll be looking elsewhere.

>>> "Jim Cusson" <JCUSSON at> 10/27/99 08:11AM >>>
I sent this out a couple of days ago and go no replies... so I'm trying again.  Any help is greatly appreciated!!

I'm not quite sure on how this SMIME works.  Assuming I've got the Enhancement Pak installed and I want to send a secure message to someone, what client can they use?  Outlook? OutlookExpress? Eudora?

Also, do I have to generale encryption pairs like I do for PGP?  Does the entire message get encrypted with SMIME, including attachments?  Does the recipient have to enter a password to access this 'secure' e-mail?

After polling our users we've found that only a few (4 actually admitted to it) send customer/private info over the net using GroupWise.  None of these folks are 'power users' so if I can avoid having them encrypt an attachment with PGP prior to sending it, their lives would be easier.  

Thanks in advance, any info is most appreciated!

Jim Cusson
Technology Project Manager
Compass Bank
791 Purchase St.
New Bedford, MA 02740

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