POP3 & IE4 & GRPWise

George Atkins GKA at iotadev.com
Wed Oct 27 17:03:38 UTC 1999

Does this mean y ou are using Outlook Express as your mail reader? Here is how I do it:
1. Open OUtlook Express and choose Tools,Accounts.
2. Add a new Mail account, following the wizard screen prompts. if you are using the IE browser at the office, I use the same internal IP address for both applicable prompts. Otherwise, if you are using it at home, use the public IP address. 

You might like using the IMAP4 option, rather than POP3. I hope this is enough to get you going, as I have to get going to a client!

George A

>>> "Bert Sinclair" <BSinclair at rmin.riss.net> 10/27/1999 10:19:18 AM >>>
OK, Ok.. Please, I understand (white papers only) POP3. I used IE4 all day long (Web surf). I used GW5.5.2 for my email.
Now, Can I use my IE4 (configured somehow with POP3) to read my Grpwise 5.5.2 mail ? 
Yes, I have GWIA and yes it has POP3 on, But what good does that for me?

Thank you, from the humble learner.

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