New GW system questions

Sunshine Haupt shaupt at
Thu Oct 28 16:11:56 UTC 1999

Use a template to create your users, within the template you can specify to automatically create the GroupWise account.

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>>> "Rich" <rmoletti at> 10/28/99 07:17AM >>>
I guess my question revolves around why can't you automatically have a GW account created at the same time that the user object is created?  You get an option to delete either/both the NDS and GW account if you delete a user object, why doesn't it work the other way?

In re: John's comments below, I want to be able to mass create/delete GW accounts on a school cycle, not forcing a reinstall of the system (if that is what Danita's comments references in a another message).

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>>> "John Whitehorn" <John.Whitehorn at> 10/28 3:04 AM >>>
If this was in response to may comments, it may, but we create and
delete 6000+ users each year, most during September, but at least 10 per
day (Sat and Sun included) for the rest of the year.


>>> "Darren Rogers" <drogers at> 28/10/99 00:35:26
Doesn't the install process allow you to create accounts for existing
users?  I could have sworn I did that way back when.....


>>> "John Whitehorn" <John.Whitehorn at> 10/27/99
"James Clark" <clarkje at> says:

I havent not seen a way to uimport users and have it create groupwise
accounts.  But if you have 100 existing users, when you create the
postoffice, you can add a list of users to the post office (in the PO
object details) thereby creating the groupwise account with just a few
clicks.  As far as setting the password, I'm guessing you would have
do each individually or let it use the NDS password.

Fine for 100 users, but I've just spent 3 weeks before term starts and
a couple after setting up GroupWise accounts for 12000 people, and its
bind!!!! Novell need to produce some better mass user code. I've
a NLM to create/delete and modify users, from user initiated request,
almost live time, but the GroupWise Admin APIs must run on a 32bit
client! The API gateway does not allow 'add GroupWise account to
existing NDS user, it did most of my problems would have been solved.


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