mystery: secondary domain shows idomain

Pat Noordsij patn at
Wed Jul 5 18:58:14 UTC 2000

I have two secondary domains that show an idomain that i never
configured.  That idomain only shows in the configuration screen of
the mta nlm's for those domains.  It shows closed as we have no
relationship with this other university (that I know of).  If I look
in the link configuration anywhere in the system this domain does
*NOT* appear.  

I can think of ways to get rid of these bizzare record.  (1) Rebuild
the 2 affected domains or (2) actually create the record the at the
primary level and then delete it once it's synchronized through, but I
can't figure out how it got there. 

i can find no gw id with the an internet address that matches that
domain.  The domain  really does exist and is a gw mta or at least
does have gw stuff running on it.  (in particular gw web access).  Did
they create a record for one of my domains and we picked it up but it
has no rights?  Any one have any thoughts?

- pat

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