Vedr.: Re: [ngw] Turning off header when printing

Poul Lausen PLA at
Wed Jul 12 06:21:06 UTC 2000

It's not what I se in my GW 5.5.2. But: An other way to turn off the header is described in TID10012177. This will work for GW5.1, GW5.2 and GW5.5 - and you can use ZENworks to do the job.


>>> possumjohn at 11-07-00 21:55 >>>
I can't seem to find what you describe.  Is it the same in GW 5.2.5?  What I do see in the dialog box is:

Copy (disabled)
Find Text
View Item >
             View >
                   Normal (selected)
             Size >
                  Full Size
                   Fit to Window
                   Fit to Window Width (selected)
                   [ Note: ALL Disabled]
Hide QuickView

Thanks,  PJ

Poul Lausen wrote:

> Turn on Quick View, right-click on a mail and chose "Configure printer" (That's translated direct from Danish ;-)
> In that window, you can turn header on/off and a lot of more funny things.
> poul

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