[ngw] PO loosing their inbound TCP/IP addresses

John Sievers jsievers at jhpiego.org
Thu Jul 13 15:42:11 UTC 2000

I would try a top down rebuild.

>>> sylvain.phaneuf at imsu.oxford.ac.uk 13-Jul-00 11:04:44 AM >>>

We have had problems with Groupwise post offices loosing their inbound TCP/ IP ddress for no apparent reason. The PO links configuration is partially lost: the Message Transfer Port is lost (should be 7100). This results in the PO not acceptiong incoming mail. If mail is coming from outside the GW system, it is totally lost...

We know how to solve the problem: reconfiguring the PO links, shutting down the PO then rebuilding the PO database as per TID 10027724. From this TID, we have learned that we could use startup switches to obtain the same result. We have not tried that yet, but the main point is why do the PO loose their incoming IP address in the first place?

These problems started this week, about 5 days after upgrading our 5.5.2 GW system to Enhancement pack followed by SP1. All upgraded servers are Netware 5 (SP4) or  5.1 (no SP or SP1). 

The first server we upgraded is Netware 5.1 (no SP): we installed the MTA, GWIA, API, and a Webaccess in the same session.  The other servers that were upgraded  the following days have either only a PO (with one POA) or a PO and Webaccess agent, for a total of 7 PO, and 3 Webaccess agents. The last server is Netware 5 SP4, and is still at 5.5.2 for its PO and POA and Webaccess. We also have a Webaccess agent (5.5.2) on a NT4 server, a second GWIA only for POP and IMAP on a Netware 4.11 server.   

The first time we had the problem, the four POs which lost their incoming IP address were all on 5.5.2. The second time, three of the POs were EP+SP1, and one on at 5.5.2.  

So my question is: Why do the PO loose their incoming IP address in the first place? What should we do to avoid this happening again?



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