[ngw] Desperate - cannot connect C/S to POA over routers

Scott Etienne SEtienne at RMINET.COM
Mon Jul 17 18:49:06 UTC 2000

I see a couple of potiential problems:

1. It sounds like there could be a conflict of trying to connect to the poa using a secondary ip address. It may not be the authentication, but some other sub-process that doesn't know how to enterperate the confusing arp responses it's getting. I don't know if this is supposed to work or if others have it working at their sites, but you can eliminate this possibility very quickly by putting another nic in the server so that you have one ip-per nic.

2. The poa can only be assigned ONE ip address. This being the case, your problem may involve a routing issue within the server. Try turning on routing for ip, and see if it fixes the problem.

Good luck.

Scott Etienne, CNE3/4/5
Sr. Network Engineer
RMI Network Services
SEtienne at RMINet.Com

>>> denbeighr at anco.demon.co.uk 07/17/00 05:33AM >>>
Some sites are ISDN, others are routers.  No matter what the client IP address, I can ping which is the server where the GW POA resides.

I can also FTP etc, just not run the client against it.  The client is OK since I can connect via the web.

I think this is something to do with the LANs being Token Ring.

I shall re-post asking for Token Rinf knowledge.

Thanks for your help Betty.

>>> "Betty Watson" <tcwatsb at tc.cc.va.us> 14/07/00 22:15:53 >>>
I'm just catching up on my email.  Are your remote clients pointing to the  IP address of the POA?  No matter what subnet your remote site is on, the users there must point to the IP address of the POA.


>>> "Robert Denbeigh" <denbeighr at anco.demon.co.uk> 07/13 7:25 AM >>>
Help !!!  Really desperate for a solution to this one.

I have a GW 5.5.3 server on a token ring LAN with 2 IP addresses bound to its TR NIC (one is, other is

One IP address ( is used for clients on the local LAN to connect via Client server to the POA and this works a treat.

The other IP address ( is on the same subnet (200.1.1.x) as a router ( which connects to a remote site (200.1.3.x).

>From the remote site I can Ping the GW server no problem, but starting the client and entering the IP address and port (1677) just will not work.  Interestingly, if I enter a 'false' user ID it gets rejected, but a correct user ID and the client just sits there.

I set up a remote mailbox and have found that I can send an email to the POA (with Send/Receive cycle) but when the client tries to Retrive Items, it just sits there again.

So, it seems I have comms in one direction but not the other.  Any ideas?

The local IBM people (routers are IBM used mainly for AS400 access), assure me that no ports are likely to be blocked.

Hoping desperately that someone will have some pointers on this.

Regards to all.

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