[ngw] Guinevere - Where does the key go?

Michael Strain Michael.Strain at trw.com
Mon Jul 24 18:31:47 UTC 2000

You need to unzip the zip file and
copy the contents of TheREG.TXT into Guinevere.INI,
located in your newly created Guinevere application
directory. Otherwise ugly messages about corrupt or
missing keys ensue and life is unpleasant.

Michael Strain
Sr. Network Analyst
Enterprise Messaging
TRW Inc.
michael.strain at trw.com

>>> maryve1 at starpower.net 07/24/00 01:19PM >>>
Got a key for the full product but no instructions on what to do with it. 
Tried putting it in the main Guin directory and no luck.

Does anyone know?

Mary Van Engelen
Network Manager

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