[ngw] How hard is it really?

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This is actually fairly simple and usually very reliable process.  Here, in
short is an easy way to do this.

Create another PO or Secondary Domain on the new server.  Make sure this PO
or domain is part of the same system as your current system to where these
users are logged in.

Move the users to the new post office.  Simple just right click and choose

Once the users are in the new PO, you'll then need to decide, do they really
need there own system.  (I mean GW System and not system as in pc or server)
My guess would be no.

Next steps would be taking the domain they want to use and make sure you
have all the registration process down. Contact the ISP that is hosting you
domain and make sure you have the MX (Mail Exchange) record pointed the
address of your GWIA (no need to add a gwia to this server)

Now you need to configure your GWIA to accept messages for this Internet
domain.  View the details of your GWIA and in the "information tab", go to
where is has the foreign domain, add a space, and enter that Internet domain
name.  (So it would look like i.e. foreign id: allegro.net mail.com
Allegro.net being the domain that I already have there and mail.com being
the new domain)

The last step would be to now view the details of the post office that you
have your 10 or so users in and go to the alias tab.  Add the alias
xxxxxxx.com (the new domain name)  to that post office.  Now the users can
send and receive messages.

I'm not sure if you wanted all these steps in a step-by-step process.  But
here you have it.  It's that simple.

Now to answer your questions.. =)

No you cannot just copy the users db's over to the new server, users must be
moved to a new PO or remain in their current PO.    I just completed a huge
project where we moved hundreds of users from one PO to another domain/PO
and these users where power users, lots of Calendar/mail items.

Hope this helps.


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I have about ten users who will be leaving to form another department.  This
department wants their own GW mail server with their own unique mail
address, but they want to transfer their user databases from the old server.
Is this possible?  We are talking about some serious users here with
calendar events scheduled through 2002 along with huge archives as well.
Some of them have personal address books nearing 700 addresses.  You
understand the work involved with starting completely over.


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