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Betty Watson tcwatsb at tc.cc.va.us
Thu Jul 27 19:23:42 UTC 2000

Our email policy retention policy is 90 days for Inbox and the Outbox.  The Trash is emptied after 7 days.  The calendar is handled differently at each campus.  Some folks want to keep everything in their calendars forever.  Two campuses include the calendar in the email policy with a retention of 90 days.  The other two campuses do not include the calendar in any cleanup routine.  Student email is on a Pegasus system, and each student is limited to 2 mgb of disk space.  

Hope this helps.

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Betty  A. Watson
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Tidewater Community College
 tcwatsb at tc.cc.va.us

>>> "Kevin Sebolt" <Sebolt at robert-morris.edu> 07/26 1:31 PM >>>

A few weeks ago a question was put to this list asking for input on how long we should keep e-mails before we purge them.  Many businesses replied but I did not see any responses from colleges or universities.  We currently do not have a policy to purge e-mail for students and faculty and staff but we would like to.  I have been asked to find out what other colleges do.  If there are any colleges out their that have adopted this kind of policy, I would appreciate your feedback.  Specifically, how long do you keep e-mails for students and how long you keep e-mails for faculty and administration.  Thanks in advance.

Kevin G. Sebolt
sebolt at robert-morris.edu 

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