Groupwise on NT w/Word97

Karon Miller kmiller at
Tue Jun 13 18:52:06 UTC 2000

We are converting to NT 4.0 desktops and we're using NAL to push out all applications.  We're also using Groupwise 5.5.3 and it works great on NT.  However, we also use Word 97 with a Document Management System called PCDocs.  Anyway, while Groupwise is closed, when we open up PCDocs and then try to "Mail" a document to Groupwise using the MAPI integration it opens up a Windows Messaging mail window.  When we open Groupwise first and then open up PCDocs and try to "Mail" a document, it opens up Groupwise.  We've tried several things uninstall Groupwise and reinstall it, uninstall Windows Messaging and reinstall it, delete some MAPI*.dlls, uninstall Outlook 98 and Outlook Express, etc, nothing has seemd to work yet.  Has anyone out there encountered this problem and how did you fix it?  Any advice, ideas, or suggestions would be helpful.


Karon M. Miller
Systems Administrator
Blackwell Sanders Peper Martin
kmiller at

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