[ngw] Daylight Saving Time Sydney 2000

Keith Bastin kbastin at mindspring.com
Thu Jun 22 18:11:33 UTC 2000

the Win95 and WinNT clients DO check your OS timezone info (GW 5.2SP3 and after).
Appointments are stored in the database with UTC time and must be adjusted for
view by the client. This was a HUGE improvement over using the DOS SET variables
in 4.x;

POA's have a setting for local time zone {Used for instance when WebAccess
queries the box to determine the time zone for displaying for WebClients and also
used during server based rules processing)

However; with regards to the existance of documentation for Groupwise Time
Zone/DST issue related to the 2000 Olympics; I haven't seen any. You MAY want to
read through the October 1999 Appnotes article related to "fixing" Daylight
Savings Time issues in GW. It does a pretty good job of explaining DST/Time Zone
issues in GW.

Michael Bednarek wrote:

> As you know, the Olympic Games will be held in Sydney, Australia, later this
> year. For reasons hard to fathom, the State Governments of New South Wales,
> Victoria, Tasmania, and the ACT have decided to extend Daylight saving Time
> forward by two months, so it will start at 2:00 on Sun 27-Aug-2000.
> The Evil Empire has -for once- published a well designed method for its
> systems to deal with this:
> http://support.microsoft.com/support/kb/articles/q259/4/74.asp
> As for Novell NetWare: see KB TID 2953645 .
> What about GroupWise?
> Now, I might expose my limited understanding of these things here, but I
> don't understand why an email program needs a concept of Daylight Saving
> Time changes at all. If it wants to know what the time is, it just asks the
> operating system, no? Because, if both the operating system and GroupWise
> maintain schedules for Daylight Savings Time, how does GroupWise know whether
> the time it receives from the operating system is compensated for Daylight
> Savings Time or not?
> In other words: what would happen if I set our post-offices to disregard any
> Daylight Savings Time variations, and just get NetWare to do the right thing?
> Cheers.
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