[ngw] User db in Store Catalog not in Address Book

Michael Herzlich Mherzli at nabi.com
Mon Jun 26 21:03:41 UTC 2000

The user database must be renamed or removed before doing the structural rebuild.  A structural rebuild of userxxx.db will then remove that user from the guardian db.


>>> Mary Van Engelen <maryve1 at starpower.net> 06/26/00 04:43PM >>>
I'm getting the error message "Problem 23 - Database userxxx.db in Store 
Catalog but not in Address Book" for 39 user dbs. I have confirmed that 
these are for folks that have left and have been deleted from NDS and GW, 
but their user dbs are still in the directory. This group of error messages 
is followed by a group of this error message: "Problem 49- Unrecorgnized 
userdb USERXXX.DB" with the note "the timestamp on this file is recent, and 
may reflect a temporary mismatch between the file system and the 
databases."  This has been going on for several weeks.

TID 10010557 (and a couple of others) says to do a structural rebuild on 
the database that is giving the error.  I assume they are talking about the 
PO db  and not the user db?

The question is:  Should I deleted the user dbs before doing the structural 
rebuild?  Or, will those dbs be removed, as well as the references to them, 
by doing the structural rebuild?


Mary Van Engelen
Network Manager
Washington, DC

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