GW552 and Windows2000 problems???

Gene Mazurek gene at
Wed May 3 17:36:09 UTC 2000

Not 552 .. but I've been running EP on Windows 2000 laptop (first and old DEC and now a new Compaq) .. a couple of times GW 'encountered an error .. etc.' and has rebuilt itself without problem. Other than that it's been very good to me.

If my feeble memory serves me, I was running 5.5x on beta of Windows 2000 with a laptop without problem .. 

No dialing in either case though (DSL), so I can't speak to that.

>>> Richard Jewkes <RJEWKES at> 05/02/00 03:28PM >>>
I was wondering if anyone has run into problems with running GW552 on a laptop that is running Windows 2000?


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