[ngw] Market Info on GroupWise

James Taylor james.taylor at eastcobbgroup.com
Sat Dec 1 06:13:11 UTC 2001

Novell just released their numbers for FY2001.  Not great numbers, but
still over a $1B in revenue.  NetWare is credited with being installed
in 81% of fortune 1000's, with 90 million seats overall.

I recently did a Google lookup using "groupwise" and "market share" as
a search string.  I came up with 28 million seats, growing at close to 2
million a year.  I believe it had a 17% market share.  Notes was number
one with, I think, 38%, Exchange number two with 29%.


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>>> scott at moravec.com 11/30/01 04:58PM >>>
I am constantly getting hammered about how Novel is going out of
business and GroupWise is dying.  Can anyone point me to earnings and
market share reports from credible sources for both NetWare and

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