[ngw] I am looking for a way for our Help Desk folks to be ab le tochange/reset passwords without giv

Peter Van Lone peter.vanlone at mbtmadison.com
Mon Dec 3 17:22:55 UTC 2001

Please -I could absolutely use this tool if you are willing to distribute
it. Cool.
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When you say "without giving them rights to the rest of the GroupWise
system", what do you mean?
A simple tool can be created that will allow you to change passwords only,
but you will need to give them rights to the GW domain directory.  If they
have ConsoleONE with the GW snapins, then they will be able to admin the
entire GW system.  If they don't have snapins, then they won't.
Alternatively, this tool could be fitted with a way to receive commands via
e-mail or a web page, and could run on a server someplace.  That way, you
wouldn't have to give the help-desk folks access to the domain directory.
I have a copy of the simple tool, if you are interested.  Let me know.
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>>> Brian.Wredberg at udlp.com 12/03/01 09:53AM >>>
I am looking for a way for our Help Desk folks to be able to change/reset
passwords without giving them administrative rights to the rest of the
GroupWise system.  We are using GW 6 client and server and of course
ConsoleONE.  Any Ideas?
Brian Wredberg
Sr. IT Analyst
United Defense, LP
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