[ngw] MTA failing to send messages

Peter Van Lone peter.vanlone at mbtmadison.com
Mon Dec 3 18:33:49 UTC 2001

I would just unload and re-load GWIA first -- it just sounds like it lost
the connection to the MTA and cannot re-establish.

We would need more details to be more specific -- versions? is the GWIA on
the MTA server or remote? NT? NW? etc ....

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Subject: [ngw] MTA failing to send messages

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This morning one of my servers abended.  Since then my GWIA server has been
experiencing difficulty sending information from it, to the main domain.
The only message is "File transmission failed"  "file name (priority 4. file

I am temporarily moving the affected files to another directory, however I
would like to be able to figure out what happened.


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