[ngw] W32/BadTrans.B-mm

Charles Nguyen-Huu Charlesn at groupwisesolutions.com
Mon Dec 3 19:55:45 UTC 2001

You may want to try the latest AV and eSecurity solution for GroupWise called GWAVA... it's actually the latest evolution of Guinevere and MTASieve: http://www.groupwisesolutions.com/gwava or call for a trial version: 1-866-497-0101.

It can scan, block, filter GroupWise messages at the MTA level.

Charles Nguyen-Huu

>>> maryve1 at starpower.net 11/29/01 09:58P >>>
Has anyone using Webshield been able to block these things?  We finally got 
updated signatures and it seems to be detecting it through virus scanning 
now, but I've been trying to block the attachments by extensions (scr and 
pif and the combined extensions) and nothing's getting caught.


At 11/29/01 05:22 PM, David Clayton wrote:
>I just received a virus attachment (Badtrans) with a .scr type, you may 
>want to add that one in as well.
>David Clayton
>Infrastructure Planning & Projects Co-ordinator
>Epworth Hospital, Phone +61-3-9426 6395, fax +61-3-9429 5659
> >>> "Kevin Parris" <KPARRIS at sde.state.sc.us> 29/11/2001 3:26:34 >>>
>We have decided not to use any virus scanning function on incoming 
>email.  Instead, we use a feature in the CheckPoint firewall to simply 
>discard any attached file of an "executable" type (*.vbs, *.vbe, *.shs, 
>*.exe, *.com, *.lnk, *.pif, *.bat) that may arrive.  This list of filename 
>extensions may not be exhaustive, but it covers the most likely 
>virus/trojan vectors.  Our users do not normally send or receive 
>"software" via email, so we expect no negative effects from this 
>policy.  If someone really needs to receive executables in the mail, they 
>inform the sender to zip them or rename to some other extension.
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Visit http://www.concentrico.net for GroupWise, NDS, or DirXML development needs and product information.

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