2 Questions

Eric Lanyon elanyon at rfi.com
Mon Dec 3 23:39:11 UTC 2001

1)  If a user is running GW 5.5.x and has an archive database...keeps everything archived and then the user's s/w gets updated to, his archive database will not be able to be opened as the archived database was not updated, correct?  Any way to upgrade the archived files?

2)  Same scenario basically...user is running GW and tries to access his archive db.  He gets in fine but when he tries to open an email, he gets C05D, an unexpected error has occured.  When I run GWCHeck on the contents I get 1 Error Reading the User Database and 17 errors reading message databases.  I tried TID# 10058250 which walked me through recreating the ngwguard.db file.  I would try to restore the archive folder from tape...but the user doesn't know when it last worked, 1-2 months ago, maybe longer.  Yeah, great communication.  

I am ready to tell the user he is SOL...but before I do that, does anyone have any suggestions?  


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