[ngw] SonicWall and WebAccess

Jim Watkins jwatkins at ASPENPERSONNEL.COM
Tue Dec 4 11:40:32 UTC 2001

We use Sonic wall in our environment and have had no problems with getting our email, if you are using the Sonic Wall to do NAT you need to open a web port and SMTP port with the GroupWise private IP.  I like the Sonic Wall so much I became a reseller for it.

<<< "Craig Lynch" <Clynch at tams.iit.edu> 12/ 3  4:27p >>>
Has anyone used a sonicwall firewall appliance?  Any affects on WebAccess?  I had some problems in a test scenario getting access to the WebAccess server.  Clients would frequently time out.

Thanks for any advice.

Craig Lynch
Teachers Academy for Math and Science
312 949-2528

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