[ngw] I am looking for a way for our Help Desk folks to beable tochange/reset passwords without giv

Rich Molettiere rmoletti at ops.org
Tue Dec 4 11:45:00 UTC 2001

Okay to run against GroupWise 6?

Rich Molettiere
Technology Coordinator
Omaha North High School
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>>> ANDERBR at auburn.edu 12/03/01 11:37AM >>>
I've got an app that will find user based on userid (CN) & allow you to
change GW and/or netware password. Also will show group NDS membership.
Recently updated to use 'type-ahead'

You will need access to GW domain & proper NDS rights.

Double-click item to change passwords, right-click to show groups.

go to http://anderbr.duc.auburn.edu/gwtoys.html & scroll down to
password reset utility.

>>> Brian.Wredberg at udlp.com 12/03/01 10:53AM >>>
I am looking for a way for our Help Desk folks to be able to
change/reset passwords without giving them administrative rights to the
rest of the GroupWise system.  We are using GW 6 client and server and
of course ConsoleONE.  Any Ideas?
Brian Wredberg
Sr. IT Analyst
United Defense, LP

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