[ngw] WebShield e500 Mail Scanner

David Roll bdroll at budget.state.ny.us
Tue Dec 4 15:20:48 UTC 2001

Yes, please do that.  
I also ran across an article that they will be marketing the e250 will be less expensive and marketed towards mid to small size businesses but will perform the same functions as the e500 model.  

>>> Tom.Miller at nara.gov 11/30/2001 1:37:58 PM >>>
We're supposed to get a demo in a week or two.  We had our NAI sales rep and engineer come out about a month ago.  It's very powerful:  SMTP, POP, HTTP, JAVA scanning, and lots of reporting.  Our one problem was that it does not currently support gigabit, but we're told that's in the migration path.  I'll keep you posted about the demo results.

>>> bdroll at budget.state.ny.us 11/30/2001 10:43:37 AM >>>
Is anyone using or has experience with Network Associates' WebShield e500 mail scanner?  I just want to know if this is a good product or not.   

David Roll
bdroll at budget.state.ny.us 
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NY State Division of the Budget

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