[ngw] W32/BadTrans.B-mm

Charles A Ransom ransomc at GAO.GOV
Tue Dec 4 19:01:53 UTC 2001

Don't forget SHB also.

>>> HFLEMING at lists.acpa.org 12/04/2001 1:44:19 PM >>>
Yes, but I also block file attachments with the following extensions, which 
(so far) catches most of the problems before the virus updates comes out......

exe, bat shs, scr, hta, vbs, ocx, mpg, mpeg, htt, com, htc, mp3 mov, avi, 
bas, cmd, js, pif, wav, chm, cpl, jse, lnk

If I have missed any, someone please let me know......

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