POA doesn't create user db

Michael Balasko mpb at gty.ci.henderson.nv.us
Tue Dec 4 21:55:07 UTC 2001

I'm having a problem where If i create a new user, all the gw ifno looks correct in nwadmin, but if I look around, there is no user.db that corresponds to the FID that this new user has. (Never gets created)
I have rebuilt the domain and all three po's to no avail. 
(Foolowed the top down rebuild TID)

I can see the poa repost the object createtion, and if I modify it I see the same, so I know the communication is working okay. 

Any ideas? 


Mike Balasko CCDA, CCNP, MCNE 5, MCP, MCSE2K, SCP, N+, A+
City of Henderson
DoIT Network Specialist II

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