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Mathew O'Marah mathew.omarah at wwavrc.co.uk
Wed Dec 5 10:01:37 UTC 2001

For the content filtering section do not use the * symbol. It is looking for what you enter a sub-string of the attachment filename. For example *.scr would stop the file "gone*.scr" but not "gone.scr".


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>>> maryve1 at starpower.net 05/12/2001 03:55:38 >>>
It's not blocking anything by extension. Maybe we don't have the entries 
right.  In content filtering we put an entry such as *.scr and check the 
file attachment option.

At 12/04/01 01:44 PM, Howard Fleming wrote:
>Yes, but I also block file attachments with the following extensions, which
>(so far) catches most of the problems before the virus updates comes out......
>exe, bat shs, scr, hta, vbs, ocx, mpg, mpeg, htt, com, htc, mp3 mov, avi,
>bas, cmd, js, pif, wav, chm, cpl, jse, lnk
>If I have missed any, someone please let me know......
>On 29 Nov 2001 at 21:58, Mary Van Engelen wrote:
> > Has anyone using Webshield been able to block these things?  We finally
> > got updated signatures and it seems to be detecting it through virus
> > scanning now, but I've been trying to block the attachments by
> > extensions (scr and pif and the combined extensions) and nothing's
> > getting caught.
> >
> > Mary
> >
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