[ngw] gone.scr - enjoyed reading all your posts

Charles Nguyen-Huu Charlesn at groupwisesolutions.com
Wed Dec 5 18:31:33 UTC 2001

Don't forget that you do not need to block all file types. Using GWAVA you can block certain file extensions. It is also possible to configure user exceptions.


Charles Nguyen-Huu

>>> Ted.Christopher at tlc.state.tx.us 12/05/01 10:16A >>>
We've blocked several hundred since yesterday.  We had 7 machines trashed by it before we started blocking it. (Mgmt didn't want to block any more file types because some users might not like it.).

So it's important to note that GroupWise can still infect machines if the users opens the attachment, it just won't propagate the virus like the dreaded Lookout.

>>> etoll at syracusesupply.com 12/5/2001 7:59:13 AM >>>
Nice that is only affects LookOut users (apparently)  I locked script
functionality (Ch0ke) to be off at the Domain level for all GW clients.

Just an FYI to the GroupWise community, I have stopped about 20 or so
of the gone.scr email in the last 24 hours.  Its pumping away.....

I have MTASieve hooked up to my GWIA, and McAfee which all runs on same
box... Added blocking of any *.scr file also, but when the box auto
updated virus defs it started finding the *.scr files to be viri.

Fwd: [MTASieve:2jn1vzld] Virus infection notification

Attachment Name: gone.scr

A virus has been detected!

The infected attachment has been attached to this message. Please
take care that you do not infect your workstation!

Your server based AV solution may have more information on the
specific type of infection in its logs.

Information about the problem message:

FROM: cbugarchich at bpt.com 
TO : [No To Addresses]
CC : [No Cc Addresses]
Subject: Hi

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