[ngw] Moving GW5.5 system

Dennis Large dennis.large at louisville.edu
Thu Dec 6 12:52:21 UTC 2001

My tuppence.
1) Pretty much a primo situation for a GW move. Same OS, in the same tree. Yes, that part should be as easy as described.
2) you didn't mention gateways. If gwia and/or web are involved, plan on reinstalling them.
3) When I last tested, toolbox was unreliable. Missed files. B/u and restore is certainly the safest and most reliable. There may even be a copy function within your backup software. (Have done that with Arcserve before.) Now, we generally use JRB's netcopy for such work. 

>>> lrosales at murraycompany.com 12/05/01 11:07PM >>>
Anyone have any tips and/or tricks on moving a GroupWise 5.5 system to a new server.  I found TID#10024917, on the Novell knowledge base, and it seems simple enough.  The problem is, it almost seems to simple.  I'm going from a Nw4.11 box running all GW5.5 agents and file and print services to a new box running 4.11.  GW will be the only thing running on the new box.  I have only one domain and one po.  Both servers are in the same tree.  Also when copying the files from one server to the other, should I backup with Arcserve and then restore to the new server, or can I just use the copy command from the Toolbox nlm?

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