[ngw] GWAVA vs MTAsieve

Bob Marques BobMarques at don.com
Thu Dec 6 15:27:49 UTC 2001

I have had MTASieve for about 3 months (?) 
Netshield 4.5
NW411 SP6a

It has blocked over 300 "goner.scr" and "hahahasexyfun...*
since December 1st.

Best money I spent ! Super easy to setup, I encountered
no install problems. 

Can't comment on GWAVA.
Good Luck


>>> Kpeters at waukesha.tec.wi.us 12/06/01 08:38AM >>>
Has anyone tried the new GWAVA (anti-virus nlm) yet?  It looks really cool, but is awfully costly.
I am implementing a test of MTA sieve which looks like it does the same thing for a lot less money.
Any feedback would be appreciated.  I do realize that with either product, I must realize another AV product.  I currently use McAfee Total Defense.

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