GWIA "Access Control" question

Jim Gosney JGOSNEY at
Thu Dec 6 15:41:15 UTC 2001

I am trying to use the GWIA | Access Control | SMTP Incoming | "Prevent Messages Fom:" feature to block SPAM.  I've got my GWIA setup to email daily the previous day's list of traffic (I've set myself up as Accountant).  Using this report, I can isolate the domains that are spamming us and hopefully block them.

I've put the domains in the "Prevent Messages From:" field but many appear to be still making it through the system.  For example, I've got the domain REPLY.PM0.NET in the list to "prevent" but my report from this morning is still showing messages from

I probably don't fully understand the in's and out's of GWIA access control so allow me to pose the following questions to the group:

Does the report simply show the inbound messages with no regard as to whether they were actually delivered to the intended recipient?  Iis the system blocking the spam but still showing the original spam message as inbound?

Does the access control feature not work with domain names that are more than two sections?  Does REPLY.COM get blocked but not REPLY.PM0.NET because it's in three parts?

Does this feature just have bugs in it?

I'm using Groupwise 5.2, support pack 6.

Jim Gosney
Genesco (Information Systems)
NetWare Network Administrator
Groupwise Mail System Administrator

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