Scheduled events do not run

Sue Clement clements at
Thu Dec 6 21:07:01 UTC 2001

After moving our GW5.5.4 system from a Netware 4.11 server to Netware 5.1 sp3 server, (same tree) our scheduled events no longer run.  We were having problems with our guardian database referencing an old doc. mgmt system test, but Novell has fixed that for us, by working with wpdomain.db and ngwguard.db.  I rebuilt the post office database, and followed all instructions that Novell provided me, to the T.  Now, lo and behold the scheduled events no longer run.  I was told by Novell Technical Support to delete the events and recreate them.  I have done so, even gave them different names, and they still won't run.  Any ideas?


Sue Clement
Network/EMail Administrator
Public Service Alliance of Canada
email: clements at

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