[ngw] GW5.5 SP4 GWIA file date stamps

Sue Clement clements at psac-afpc.com
Fri Dec 7 14:35:49 UTC 2001

We are running GW 5.5.4 and the gwia related files are dated May 11, 2000.


Sue Clement
Network/EMail Administrator
Public Service Alliance of Canada
email: clements at psac-afpc.com

>>> tcarlin at syracusenetworks.com 12/07/01 09:01AM >>>

We applied sp4, and during the update discovered that the previous
network engineer had put the gwia someplace other than the software
directory. Of course then we couldn't patch gwia. We found what we
thought was the gwia directory (they had it in a couple of different
places), copied it over to the SSD, and the patch completed, but now
we're not sure if it actually updated it right. Does anyone have sp4
installed, and if so, could you post the proper date stamps on the
gwia.nlm and other gwia files? I've looked on novells site to no avail.

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