[ngw] GW PO & Domain on NT/2000 question

Morris Blackham mblackham at gw.novell.com
Fri Dec 7 15:56:28 UTC 2001

>>>Hi All,

>>>I know that GW is platform independent, but what NDS is required to
run GW on an NT/2000 machine?  I have two different >>>scenarios:
>>>1.  domain/po file system structure on NT/2000 with a NetWare server
running NDS and a replica on the NT/2000 box.  Would I >>>need NDS for
NT for this?

  No, NDS is on the NetWare server, you wouldn't need NDS on NT/2000

>>>2.  domain/po file system structure on NT/2000 only, no NetWare
servers.  Do I need e-Directory for this?  Or does GW 6 come >>>with a
run-time copy I could use?

  Yes, you need Edir;  and no, GW 6 does not ship with a Netware server


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