[ngw] GroupWise 6 Upgrade Guide

Gordon Ross G.Ross at ccw.gov.uk
Sun Dec 9 09:25:11 UTC 2001

Couple of ideas.

1) The "offical" Novell documentation, etc has to be done some time
before product ship so that it can actually be made. Maybe Danita has
more time has she doesn't have to produce bucket loads of CD-ROMS. (or
get it translated into lots of languages)

2) A lot of Danitas work appears to be "best practise" stuff, which
typically you don't find in a manual anyway.

my two pennies worth.


Gordon Ross,
Network Manager,
Countryside Council for Wales

>>> rabliss at novell.com 12/07/01 09:55pm >>>
So my question is should I just hire Danita to do all of the GroupWise
documentation and brochures for GroupWise Marketing?
Richard A. Bliss
Manager, Product Marketing
Novell, Inc. Leading Provider of Net Services Software

>>> danita at caledonia.net 12/06/01 04:48PM >>> 
Well, heck - with all of this praise, I'm not sure what else to tell

We tried to cover all of the bases on the "gotchas" - we rarely use

wizard to do an upgrade, and there is no documentation for that 
elsewhere that I'm aware of. We tried to tell you how to get the

out of your upgrade - for example, using the POA HTTP Monitor to

see which clients were upgraded, etc. And as Simon mentioned, we have 
sections on "what went wrong" to help you through common problems that

we've seen, and how to fix them before you panic. I think it's worth

<g> - but of course, I'm extremely biased!!! 


>>> EMAIL at co.pierce.wa.us 12/6/2001 12:50:05 PM >>> 

Can you give me an idea of what the benefit is of purchasing your 
GroupWise 6 Upgrade Guide versus the GroupWise 6 documentation Novell 
has provided via their web site? Just need something to justify the 
cost to my manager. I am interested in the documentation on using 
WebAccess 6 against 5.5x POAs. Is there anything else in your 
documentation that I won't find in Novell's documentation? 

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